What We Offer

Toolkits, Guides and Reports to Help you in your Talent Acquisition

JobFlix aims to bring both employers and potential talents together to share in the vision, values and goals that are mutually beneficial to both. We have toolkits, guides and reports derived from data-driven insights and predictive analytics to help both employers and candidates make a decision when it comes suitability and job fit.

For employers, we offer Job Success Analysis Report, the Harrison Assessments Interview Guide, How to Attract Talents Report, and Engagement and Retention Analysis Report to aid you in your recruitment process. For candidates, we offer a positive candidate experience by reducing the lengthy recruitment time and by providing all candidates Your Greatest Strength Report, a comprehensive analysis of their strengths that will empower them in their career development.

For Employers

Job Success Analysis Report analyzes the applicant’s work experience, skills, education and behavioral attributes in tandem with the job requirements that are key to job success.

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The Harrison Assessments Interview Guide transforms an interview into a highly productive discussion focusing on job criteria and the candidate’s employment needs resulting in quality employment decisions, employee engagement, retention and strategic onboarding.

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How to Attract Talents Report empowers employers to consistently attract top candidates without focusing solely on remuneration packages, but based on mutually agreed employment terms and opportunities that meet the candidates’ needs and values. This enables employers to gauge and increase retention and performance.

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Engagement and Retention Analysis Report derives data from Suitability Assessment and highlights key issues of engagement and retention at the individual and group levels and in the organization. This report provides employers actionable data enabling them to plan and align strategies to motivate and meet employees’ expectations at all levels.

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For Candidates

Your Greatest Strengths Report provides candidates an extensive analysis of their own capabilities and help them to recognize the differences between actual strengths and hidden derailers. This knowledge empowers candidates to confidently leverage different strengths and apply to different situations while avoiding potential derailers.