About Us

JobFlix is powered by Harrison Assessments to facilitate organizations in their talent acquisition. JobFlix utilizes the Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions system to pre-screen, assess, track, rank and filter eligible talents that will be the best fit for the role and the organization.

Established in 1990, Harrison Assessments was founded with a single vision and purpose – to help companies optimize their human capital by leveraging their deep understanding of human resources and psychology.

Harrison Assessments’ predictive talent analytics help organizations around the world to acquire, develop, engage and lead talent. Our unique SmartQuestionnaireTM measures 175 factors in just 25 minutes and unlocks the individual data required to accurately predict job performance. It takes psychometric assessment from interesting to actionable. Our job specific analytics are fully customizable to ensure that employers “screen in” those individuals whose passions, goals, skills and experiences are closely aligned with the organization’s business objectives and culture fit.

The Harrison Talent System addresses the entire talent lifecycle, meet all compliance requirements and manage talent from front line to executive levels. Available in 42 languages and used in 50 countries, Harrison’s highly recognized talent solutions provide organizations with tools and resources to screen in the best candidates, facilitate onboarding, accelerate development, validate high potential employees, measure critical thinking competency, increase retention and engage employees’ discretionary effort to impact business results. High performing organizations adopt Harrison Assessments’ predictive talent analytics to drive their decision making and use talent as a competitive advantage. For more information on Harrison Assessments, click here.