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Welcome to JobFlix, our sophisticated talent acquisition management solution designed to handle high volume recruitment applications and enhance the effectiveness in your recruitment process. JobFlix, powered by Harrison Assessments, simplifies and streamlines your recruitment process seamlessly by pre-screening, tracking and ranking your applicants while systematically filtering eligible talents who meet your suitability criteria and are a job fit for your organization.

By enhancing your recruitment process with JobFlix, you can reduce your hiring time which creates a positive candidate experience and help elevate your employer brand. With JobFlix, we take the guesswork out in your quest to find the most qualified and suitable talents, saving you time and resources.

Benefits of JobFlix

High Volume Recruitment!
Reduce hiring time by 75 percent

Elevate your Employer Brand and leave a lasting impression with candidates who may very well be your customers in the future.

Win the talent war by applying Harrison Assessments methodology and metrics that automates employment pre-screening and find your best talents who will add value and drive organizational performance.

Create a positive candidate experience by granting every applicant a branded personalized assessment report focusing on their strengths to help them realize their greatest potential.

Predict success with Data- driven insights! We conduct thorough analysis of the data, sample size of your organization and data-driven assumptions, prior to generating a high-quality analysis of your applicants ranging from their competencies, skills, performance, behaviors and leadership potential.

About JobFlix

JobFlix is powered by Harrison Assessments' award winning recruitment technology that pre-screens and assesses all applicants' customized job criteria to derive job fit score that is mutually beneficial to both employee and employer.

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Eligibility and Suitability Assessments

Strengthen the quality of your hires by using our Eligibility and Suitability Assessments. For an unlimited pre-screening one-time monthly fee per job, JobFlix can be part of your talent acquisition strategy enabling you to make a significant difference to your business and improve your talent management lifecycle by ensuring the employees you hire have the qualifications and behaviours you require to drive business performance.

Eligibility Assessment

A customizable assessment which uses a scoring system that enables you to analyze applicants’ qualifications, experiences and skills against the job criteria. This assessment provides accurate insights to the applicant’s eligibility.

Suitability Assessment

It is not enough to just hire talents just for their qualifications, experience and skills. Behaviors such as attitudes, motivations, work values, engagement factors, interpersonal skills and retention qualities are equally important to the success of your organization. The Suitability Assessment provides you invaluable insights to the applicant’s suitability for a role as well as help you identify behavioral gaps that can be improved in line with your organization’s values and objectives.

How it Works

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